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14th-Dec-2028 01:18 am - [ooc] Concrit
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22nd-Dec-2011 01:50 pm - Twelve; Action/Phone
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A; 769 Bunker Street {yesterday}
[Sealand drags himself into the house with none of his usual energy. His throat is sore and he's starving and he never wants to sing another Christmas song again. He's not sure he even wants to hear one.

The first thing he does, naturally, is start eating as if he were trying to consume the entire contents of the fridge.]

B; phone {today}
Hey, isn't there something wrong? I mean yeah the lights flicker sometimes and I think Sealand's seagull just disappeared again, but there's something not here that should be, right?
3rd-Sep-2011 10:50 am - eleven; phone/action
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A; Phone
Since Mayfield was doing weird stuff yesterday, it's okay if you give Sealand birthday presents today instead.

I like robots!

B; 769 Bunker Street
[Sealand is severely disappointed in the lack of cake in his house. Really, his birthday is super important and while the carnival was a little fun, if really creepy, it wasn't a birthday party. But it's like no one knows when his birthday is here or something!

So he'll just have to make his own cake. He is currently digging through the cupboards and tossing cans all over the kitchen.]

Do we even have chocolate frosting?

C; 769 Bunker Street lawn
[Sealand has dragged a table out to his front lawn. He has also made a sign and taped it to the front: "PUT PRESENTS HERE".

He is waiting expectantly. So expectantly.]
16th-Aug-2011 08:59 am - ten: phone
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[Sealand's voice sounds incredibly shaky, a far cry from his usual bouncy demeanor.]

Um, I think something's wrong with the drones, 'cause Lilly got droned but she still had all her stuff and she tried to kill me and--

[He pauses abruptly and takes another shaky breath.]

So I think everyone should, um, watch out for drones. And if they have magic or something then you should be really careful or they'll electrocute the television. And other things.

U-um, Caesar, Miakis, e-everyone--um, are you guys okay?
16th-Jul-2011 01:09 am - nine: phone/action (stage 5)
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[Good morning, Mayfield! It's 10 am on a bright summery Saturday morning. Do you know where your micronations are?

On the roof, of course! The roof of Sealand's house, specifically. A crude stage has been constructed, leading from the top of the house to Sealand's backyard tree house. But what's more important is Sealand has a megaphone, painted red. And they're standing behind the most beautiful new flag that Wy has drawn for them.]

[Yes, this is a picture of a Communist dolphin holding a hammer.]

[Yup. It's gonna be one of those days. There is also a phone off the hook, so Sealand's voice is broadcast over the phone lines as well!]

People of Mayfield, throw down the shackles of the Capitalist Pig Bourgeoisie! They have stepped on the backs of the proletariat for too long!

[It's doubtful Sealand really knows about much of what he's talking about. But Wy has still drawn helpful pictures to illustrate his points! Here is a capitalist pig stepping on the proletariat!]

It is the hard work of the proletariat that allows the bourgeoisie to sit around doing nothing and reaping rewards anyway! It is the hard working nations which are being denied equal rights! It is the--

[And Wy takes the megaphone from him, to his muffled but ultimately useless protest:] They want to destroy our driveways!

[There is a small fight over the megaphone, which is covered, but the pair struggle over the megaphone rights until Sealand snatches it back and Wy goes back to her pictures.]

Right! Driveways! Should the hard working nation be denied the right to a driveway when the bourgeoisie, who did nothing to earn it, have as many as they want? Long, wasteful driveways that they won't use! All working nations should have a driveway that matches their need, not the whims of capitalist pigs!

Look at this!

[He holds up one of Wy's pictures. Don't worry, they're getting thrown, too, so if you're on the lawn, you can also see! Pass them around for everyone!]

This useless--

[He leans away from the megaphone. He appears to be asking her what the drawing is of. Wy looks exasperated.]

Bushland! The bushland of the bourgeoisie! What good is this to the hard-working nation? No good at all! The proletariat needs a driveway, and it is denied them!

So we call for revolution! All hard-working nations should have equal representation! All hard-working nations should have equal acknowledgment! And every hard working nation should have an equal amount of driveways!

((OOC: Wy or Sealand (or both!) may reply! Tell us if you want someone specific!))
5th-Jul-2011 12:43 am - eight; phone/action (75% droned)
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A; Phone
Everyone's acting really strange today! But something does feel weird, even if this is Mayfield and Mayfield's really swell! But does anyone know what's going on?

B; park, evening
[Peter has acquired fireworks! Who knows where he got them. They're just little ones, sparklers and that sort of thing, but he seems delighted. After all, what better day to have some than the Fourth of July?

He pauses, though, before lighting a sparkler. Something's wrong, definitely. He's felt it all day...]
7th-Jun-2011 09:26 am - Seven; Action
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A; suddenly dangerous Mayfield streets
[So, Sealand didn't do any killing of his targets, but other people did! And he got a car out of it. Being really small is, to him, no reason not to try out said car. There's no minimum age limit for driving in Sealand! And even if there was, he's forty-three okay.

Who knows how he got it out of the driveway (hint: by taking out the mailbox), but he's now attempting to drive said car down the road.

He's kind of on the road, okay. Only a little bit on the sidewalk. On the opposite side of the road he's supposed to be on.]

B; France's House
[He's knocking on France's door, now. Ignore the car parked on your lawn.]
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